Words & Music Ben Sands


TAKE MY LOVE WITH YOU (Kellie’s Song)  - KEY  E


Words & Music  Ben Sands  © 2007

(Note - these are very basic chords and are wide open to variation! Note too that the chord doesn't always appear in the correct place on this page for some reason - but I think you can figure it out! If not, drop me a mail!)


   E                                       A            E

Take my love with you wherever you go

        A                     E                      C#m              B7

o’er life’s hills and valleys, through sunshine and snow

   E                                  A           

Look for the rainbow in skies blue or grey

   E                                          B7            E

Take my love with you each step of the way


    C#m                  B7                      A             E

It seems such a short time since you came along


you soon found your feet in life’s flow


     C#m          B7                      A                   E

You lit up our lives with your smile and your song


bringing joy so much more than you’ll know

            E                                         A               E

You’d ride on my shoulders and climb on my knee

       C#m                                  B7

the years rolled along as they do

                 E                   B7        A                    E

And you grew up as lovely a young girl could be


I’m glad to be daddy to you




And now comes a day that I’ve dreaded for years

when you’d become somebody’s bride

But I’m happy to say that my worries and fears

have changed to a deep sense of pride

For the wee girl who came all those rainbows ago

and used to climb up on my knee

Will bring so much joy, so much more than she’ll know

to the hearts of her own family





COFFEE AND  CHEESECAKE (The Cheesecake Song)

Words & Music Ben Sands  ©  2008


In the corner of a café with a coffee, killing time

and a second hand newspaper that someone had left behind

Perusing some old story that had bored me twice before

when I saw you through the headlines as you walked in through the door


Well, my heart began a-beating like a hundred conga drums

and the muffin I was eating scattered in a spray of crumbs

When you walked up to my table and you said “is this place free?”

I mumbled “yes” and spilled the cup of coffee round my knee




Come here ‘til I tell you, there’s something about you

You make me feel like no one’s ever made me feel before

I can’t even thinka ‘bout living without ya

And I knew it from the minute that you walked in through the door


Well, I ordered two more coffees and you sat down with a sigh

You looked so sad and lonely and then began to cry

And I became all flustered and I tried to dry your tears

with a hankie from my pocket that had been there several years

Then you told me your sad story, you described your life to me

as you ate the piece of cheesecake I’d been saving for my tea

By the time that it was finished sure you had me in your spell

and cheesecake notwithstanding, I’d have followed you to hell




We chatted on together for an hour or two that day

Then as quickly as you came to me you quietly slipped away

You said you might be back again next Tuesday afternoon

but seven Tuesdays later I stir memories with a spoon

Oh you meet so many people and remember very few

just the ones who touch your heart and remind yourself of you

So I sit here in the café and behold the trouser stain

with the cheesecake in my pocket just in case you come again



Words & Music Ben Sands


Words & Music Ben Sands @2003

     G               D                 G                                    G7              C
I remember I wasn't much older than four - maybe five, at the most

      Am                                         D                                       G ……. D 
the go-to-school mornings were colder - no such thing as a bus

      G                  D                    G                                          G7                    C  
our mother'd be searching for schoolbags and combing our hair the wrong way

            Am                              D                                                                            G
As she buttered our toast and buttoned our coats, here's what my mother would say


       G              D               G                                 G7             C
We all need a hug in the morning and one at the end of the day

             Am                      D                                                                     G …… D 
And as many as possible squeezed in between to keep life's troubles at bay

      G                  D            G                                       G7              C  
No matter, wherever you ramble, your problems be great or be small

   Am                       D                                                           G
It is my belief - for instant relief - a hug is the best cure of all

I met an old exile in Boston, who longed to go back home one day
But he thought no-one there would be carin’, for he’d been so long away
To stop a tear drop in his coffee, he gave his old whiskers a tug
And I knew that he’d give all he needed to live
For a big welcome-home-again hug


There’s a doctor who lives out in China, a master of medical arts
They tell me that there is no finer in curing all defective parts
He says that the very best treatment - the only truly safe drug
The only elixir that surely will fix you
Is a big warm, old-fashioned hug


And when Adam was cast from the garden and feeling that life was unfair
his temper was starting to harden when Eve said “I've nothing to wear”
But God in his mercy looked kindly, He gave his wide shoulders a shrug
I’ll give human kind a small piece of my mind
And so he created the hug


A letter can bring consolation, a phone call can brighten the night
In the midst of great aggravation, they can put at least some things to right
But when your heart feels like it's breaking, your life slipping down past the plug
And you feel like a ghost, the thing you want most
Is someone to give you a hug


© 2007 BEN SANDS