"Take My Love With You" ("Kellie's Song")

Words & Music Ben Sands


TAKE MY LOVE WITH YOU (Kellie’s Song)  - KEY  E


Words & Music  Ben Sands  © 2007

(Note - these are very basic chords and are wide open to variation! Note too that the chord doesn't always appear in the correct place on this page for some reason - but I think you can figure it out! If not, drop me a mail!)


   E                                       A            E

Take my love with you wherever you go

        A                     E                      C#m              B7

o’er life’s hills and valleys, through sunshine and snow

   E                                  A           

Look for the rainbow in skies blue or grey

   E                                          B7            E

Take my love with you each step of the way


    C#m                  B7                      A             E

It seems such a short time since you came along


you soon found your feet in life’s flow


     C#m          B7                      A                   E

You lit up our lives with your smile and your song


bringing joy so much more than you’ll know

            E                                         A               E

You’d ride on my shoulders and climb on my knee

       C#m                                  B7

the years rolled along as they do

                 E                   B7        A                    E

And you grew up as lovely a young girl could be


I’m glad to be daddy to you




And now comes a day that I’ve dreaded for years

when you’d become somebody’s bride

But I’m happy to say that my worries and fears

have changed to a deep sense of pride

For the wee girl who came all those rainbows ago

and used to climb up on my knee

Will bring so much joy, so much more than she’ll know

to the hearts of her own family



Ben Sands ...


... is an Irish Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Storyteller living in Newry, County Down

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