"Coffee and Cheesecake" (The Cheesecake Song)



COFFEE AND  CHEESECAKE (The Cheesecake Song)

Words & Music Ben Sands  ©  2008


In the corner of a café with a coffee, killing time

and a second hand newspaper that someone had left behind

Perusing some old story that had bored me twice before

when I saw you through the headlines as you walked in through the door


Well, my heart began a-beating like a hundred conga drums

and the muffin I was eating scattered in a spray of crumbs

When you walked up to my table and you said “is this place free?”

I mumbled “yes” and spilled the cup of coffee round my knee




Come here ‘til I tell you, there’s something about you

You make me feel like no one’s ever made me feel before

I can’t even thinka ‘bout living without ya

And I knew it from the minute that you walked in through the door


Well, I ordered two more coffees and you sat down with a sigh

You looked so sad and lonely and then began to cry

And I became all flustered and I tried to dry your tears

with a hankie from my pocket that had been there several years

Then you told me your sad story, you described your life to me

as you ate the piece of cheesecake I’d been saving for my tea

By the time that it was finished sure you had me in your spell

and cheesecake notwithstanding, I’d have followed you to hell




We chatted on together for an hour or two that day

Then as quickly as you came to me you quietly slipped away

You said you might be back again next Tuesday afternoon

but seven Tuesdays later I stir memories with a spoon

Oh you meet so many people and remember very few

just the ones who touch your heart and remind yourself of you

So I sit here in the café and behold the trouser stain

with the cheesecake in my pocket just in case you come again



Ben Sands ...


... is an Irish Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Storyteller living in Newry, County Down

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